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"If you had two identical properties, one that was staged and one that wasn't, the one that was staged would sell quicker and for more money." SF Examiner


Candyse, owner of DeShielle Design Interiors has been enhancing the marketability of homes for Bay Area Real Estate Companies for over thirty years, and has staged homes for some of the top real estate agents and top producing companies in the Bay Area. Great stagers have become an integral part of the real estate sales team! Candyse understands the varied range of potential buyers considering purchasing your home, and recognizes how valuable the initial moments are when a buyer enters a home and how those moments make a lasting impression which will inspire their purchase.

Candyse will advise you as to what areas of the interior and exterior residence need improvement, she will counsel you on the steps necessary to create the highest return investment, and she will help to alleviate the stress involved in selling your home.

Staging can encompass as little as adjusting the existing furniture and adding accessories to as much as an extensive remodeling of the interior of the home (i.e, kitchen/bath updating, new flooring/carpets, crown molding, new doors, fresh paint, etc.), or the exterior of the home (i.e., new roof, new windows, fresh paint, yard enhancement, etc.), then adding furniture, accessories, and art to effect a spectacular alteration.

Candyse has trained and skillful crews available and experienced at transforming homes and yards in a timely manner for all types of make-over projects. This insures a timely and cost effective outcome. Candyse will also gladly work and coordinate with a client's sub-contractor's. We are well known in the Bay Area for our fantastic remodeling make-overs which facilitate quicker sales in excess of asking prices.

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What is Staging?

Staging is the art of transforming the ordinary to the spectacular! It is all about selling a fantasy of the way we all really want to live! No clutter, no messy desks, no peeling paints, no yards with weeds, a home free of chaotic mess and Goodwill furniture!

Decorating a residence with the intent to sell is very different from decorating for oneself. It is not done with the seller's personal taste in mind, but rather the potential buyer's taste. The design is gender neutral to appeal to the largest target audience. It is this staging process that makes a home appeal to everyone, like a model home. While staging is very popular today, one may find very different meanings from the word "staging." However, staging is not just cleaning, de-cluttering your home, or rearranging your furniture. While spring cleaning is a great start, it is not staging. Transforming your home into a showplace that beats out your competition will facilitate a quicker sell and ultimately a higher price tag. It is well worth the time, effort, and cost to change your home architecturally into that showplace you have always dreamed of!

With experience comes design solutions that enhance the great features of the home and the ability to mask faults, like a room that is too small. Candyse and her associates have the artistic ability to enhance a home's positive features, while drawing the eye away from its imperfections. DeShielle Designs can quickly transform an empty home into a showplace model home that the neighbors will be talking about and encouraging their family, friends, and coworkers to buy! This buzz in the neighborhood is fantastic, hence, mission accomplished! The model home impression always makes a significant difference in how quickly a home sells, and for how much! DeShielle Designs has its own inventory of furniture and accessories, anything from area carpets, lamps, quality artwork, large silk and live plants, etc., which helps our stagers create different types of environments instantly and cost effectively. The time that your home sits on the market can translate into financial loss! Working with DeShielle Designs facilitates quick and profitable sales, happy real estate agents and satisfied sellers!

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